Marc-Olivier Lamothe

This is a limited edition, time release art print! 
Silkscreen by Marc-Olivier Lamothe / Sérigraphié par Marc-Olivier Lamothe
Mural Festival 2019
Paper size: 22 x 16 1/2 inches / Taille de papier: 22 x 16 1/2 pouces
Art size: 19 3/4 x 15 inches / Taille de l'art: 19 3/4 x 15 pouces
Signed by the artist during the 2019 Mural Festival Edition / Signé par l'artiste pendant le festival Mural 2019
Shipped at the end of June 2019 / Expédié à la fin de juin 2019 
Print produced by Station16 / Produit par Station16
About the artist

At the crossroads of graphic design and fine arts, Marc-Olivier Lamothe presents a colorful and cut-up world, sometimes painted, sometimes illustrated. From digital visuals to his paintings, Lamothe uses a vectorial style.

Marc-Olivier Lamothe creates spontaneously by observing different living organisms that interact around him. It is a transposition of his vision of this chaotic world that he often compares to the jungle. He presents his observations under a mixture of floating abstract forms, vibrant colors, natural elements and living creatures embedded in a two-dimensional space. Marc-Olivier Lamothe opens the door to a funny and chaotic world.

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Chest Neck
Small 35 - 36½ 14¾
Medium 37 - 38½ 15½
Large 39 - 40½ 16½
X-Large 41 - 42½ 17¼
XX-Large 43 - 45 18